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• 3/2/2014


Ok so, Right now the wikia is very broken. The reason of course is a mix of me not really knowing how to build a website, and the way wikia is designed just being really f%ing unorganized. So, this board has been created to help users communicate and instuct each other on how to fix the site. 

Current bugs.

1. There are two main pags and only one is updating.

2. Links are not appearing on certain pages after a new page is added

3. Very little content, and what content we do have is incomplete

4. Little to no way to navigate the site. 

I'll try to fix a few things my self, but I will need suggestions and help on what to do and how everything works. 

Also, I'm going to ,make the main contributers from 4chan admins, so please log in as the name you used there if at all possible.  

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• 3/2/2014

Oh, you made this wiki? Did not know that.

• 3/5/2014

I'm not a wiki expert but I can learn. CS degree helps with that.

I'm a fan of having a good info box on the main page/splash. Helps people find things and also gives a hint to writers as to where things ought to go.

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