Name 5treaking5entinel or 55
Real Name Nils
Nationality German
Occupation package delivery and retrival
Factions ThunderBird Mail Service
Location Unspecified
  • Light
  • Mobility
  • Brain Implant Mk.2
  • Enhanced Vision
  • Navigation
  • External/Internal Sensors
  • Universal Translator
  • Wi-Fi
  • Hydra Nanites
  • Dummy AI
  • Self-Repair
  • Plasma Gun
  • Ion Cannon
  • Temperature Resistance 2
  • Flight
  • Deep Sea / Space Module

Nils used to be a University student who wanted to see the world but was way to lazy to do anything to fulfill that wish, this all changed with the Suitfall.

It all started when he heard a loud crash at night and in a rare moment of activity swung himself on a bike and drove out on the field where he could see the fires cause by the pods landing, his loadout choice fell relatively quick and after a while of exploring alone he joined the TBM to get a bit of income going while travelling around the world.

He mainly performs high speed delivery jobs and the occasional retrieval mission when another delivery goes bad, on those retrievals he tries to minimize combat by outmanoeuvering his opponents but he is not above using force to achieve his goal. In addition he participates in the occasional salvage or recon operation and is very fond of trading favors with likeminded pilots.


Nils is a quite type who does his job with the uttermost speed and accuracy but has a very laid back approach to most other things. His general attitude to others is "Live and let Live" and he dislikes opening hostilities but if forced to to so will try to end them as fast as possible.


Nils has medium length sideswept brown hair, a short beard and stands about 1.90m tall at 24 years of age. He still wears his glasses despite no longer needing them thanks to the Hydra Nanites provided by his suit.

Suit InformationEdit

The Sentinel Suit is designed for high mobility in all kinds of terrain, but mainly air and in space, while still being able to respond reasonably to threats that cannot be outrun.

The light Suit was chosen over the mesh suit due to the hardened exo-skeleton providing superior protection against space debries, radiation and the stress of atmospheric reentry.

The Plasma Gun is housed on his left arm while the Ion Cannon folds forward from behind his back and can be fired either from that position or detached and used as a separate hand-cannon

Its original color is an off-white tone with dark red highlights but most of the front is constantly covered in scorchmarks acquired by collision with micro-meteors and through the high friction of frequent supersonic in atmosphere flight.