Name Adstatus
Real Name Thomas Morrison
Nationality American
Occupation Military Officer (formerly contractor)
Factions Vox Populi (formerly American government/PMC)
Location Vox controlled Somalia
Suit(follows PDF rules)
  • Medium
  • DV 10 (12 in the front)
  • PR 10
  • 52.5m/s Mobility
  • 600 Pounds Weight
  • 7' 8" Inches Height
  • 2000 Pounds Strength
  • 2 Hour Air Supply
  • 24 Hour Uptime
  • 1 Hour Downtime
  • Brain Implant 1
  • Dedicated Mental Tasking
  • External Status
  • Thermal Vision
  • Enhanced Vision
  • Radar
  • Vocal
  • WiFi
  • Fusion
  •  Octopus
  • Towing Cable
  • Pile Bunker (Spear)
  • Colossal Ballistics(30mm Machine Gun)
  • Missiles
  • Improved Hull
  • Experimental Armor
  • Temperature Resistance 1
  • Self-Repair 2
  • Pressure Shielding
  • Armored Upgrade
  • Physical Shield
  •  Thrusters
  • Mobility Upgrade

Thomas Morrison was formerly a military contractor, specifically, working as a translator for U.S. forces in Afghanistan. He was on vacation in the U.S. when the pods landed, and

Here, about a month after creating his suit, he learned of the various factions, and was intrigued by one known as the Vox Populi, in particular. He was one of the many pilots to respond to the Anarchist's calls for revolution. After about a year, several firefights, and many arguments with other factions, it was decided that the Vox would first use Somalia as a "testing ground" for their ideology.

At this point, Adstatus, a name he had taken meaning "Spearman" in Latin, was appointed as an Primum Pilum Centurion of the Vox military, an officer equivelent to a captain in other armies, assigned to one of the Capitoline Legions that defend Mogadishu.


Thomas is harsh, focused, and driven. These features of his personality, along with a lack of any apparent empathy, take over in combat, but outside of battle a friendlier side emerges.. He is also known for often taking point among the soldiers he commands, as well as often engaging in mercenary activities.

He has taken to his new body well. If asked, he comments that he appreciated the newfound strength and speed far more than he appreciated his human body.

Suit InformationEdit

His suit is bulky and angular in appearence, and is mostly brown, grey, and tan in color, with occasional streaks of orange. His machine gun is bulky and angular, with protruding sights. When not in use, it is holstered on his back. His spear has a telescopic shaft, and can have its length adjusted for use in a variety of situations. His shield is thick and heavy, and resembles a metal riot shield.

His suit is seven feet eight inches tall. His thrusters resemble small exhaust vents, and are located on the bottom of his suit's feet and across its back. The pilot himself had an average appearence, and was about 6' 2", with brown hair.