A Mesh-class Armor

Power Armors, often simply referred to as "Armors", are powered exoskeletal suits created from an alien technology not of this world. Each Armor is built unique to the whims of its owner, and is often only useable by that person as well. Because of the tremendous power an Armor grants to its user, they have for the most part gained an unsavory reputation for enabling crime, destruction and overbearing hubris.

A Light-class Armor

No two Armors are the same, and the breadth of appearance and capabilities between Armors are as varied as the people using them. Some Armors tower over their users and more closely resemble small mecha than power armor, while other Armors are worn as skintight bodysuits or meshed into clothing, making them easy to hide while enhancing the capabilities of the wearer far beyond that of a normal human. Most Armors are oriented for combat, as those unable to fight or hide soon found themselves the targets of those who could. However, direct combat is only one use for Armor. For those with skill and imagination, an Armor can fulfill a huge number of roles, from exploration of extreme environments such as the hearts of volcanoes to the depths of the ocean or even space, to information manipulation and warfare far beyond the capabilities of even the most cutting edge of human technology.


Without exception, all Armors are created from an assembly pod, which fell to Earth along with the meteorites and wreckage of the alien ship that brought them to our world during the Arrival. Unlike the Armors they produce, assembly pods appear to be uniform in construction. Instead of an external panel, interface with the pod is conducted via a projected holographic display, as well as what many believe to be some sort of mind-interface to handle the finer details of design. Each assembly pod contai

A Medium-class Armor

ns the resources to assemble one Armor, tailored to the desires of the individual using the pod, after which the pod deactivates permanently.

General CharacteristicsEdit

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A Heavy-class Armor


A Superheavy-class Armor

Armors can be sorted into five weight classes: Mesh, Light, Medium, Heavy and Superheavy. Each class of Armor provides its own advantages and drawbacks. For example, Mesh-class Armors are typically easy to conceal and move very fast, in addition to having the most flexibility concerning their capabilities and features. Conversely, Superheavy-class armors are very large, slow moving and heavily armed and armored. This makes them good at direct combat, but little else.

All Armors share a handful of common characteristics. They all possess a self-repair ability, allowing them to recover from damage between battles without requiring expertise aid that would be hard to find otherwise. Furthermore, all Armors, even those without an onboard artificial intelligence, also have a robust internal network defense grid that makes it extremely difficult for an enemy to sabotage the Armor remotely. Many Armors simply do not have any sort of accessible digital network, choosing instead to stick with a default closed-network system.

Thirdly, all Armors have the ability to gain more abilities and become more powerful through the acquisition of Resources, the same material used to construct the Armors by assembly pods. Presently, the only way to acquire Resource is from the wreckage of other Armors, which results in a great deal of fighting between Armors as one party seeks to literally consume the other to increase their own power. An Armor will automatically cannibalize others of its kind and convert the usable materials into Resources, which can be used by the owner to increase the parameters of their Armor.


Though the exact number of assembly pods that landed on Earth is impossible to guess at, most estimations put the number of active Armors in the range of hundreds of thousands. Most of these Armors remain as individuals pursuing their own goals and leading their own lives, but a great deal have also pledged their services to a number of groups and factions formed out of a common interest or ideal. The size and number of these groups is constantly changing, with some gaining power and supremacy, while others dwindle and fade. It should be noted that despite the various unknowns concerning the nature and origin of the Armors, it can at least be said for certain that no new Armors are being produced on Earth, meaning that whatever the current population, attrition will eventually see the Armors gone from Earth by their own hand in time.