"Artificial Intelligence" refers to a distinctly advanced type of digital entity produced by an Armor assembly pod. Like every other aspect of Fae technology, AI currently cannot be replicated by humans.

All AI are capable of generating a physical representation of themselves, referred to as a "ghost" or "specter" due to their appearance. The default form of an AI's ghost is a simple ball of light, but this can be changed at any time by the AI or the owner.

Despite being an integral component of any Armor they are part of, an AI cannot under any circumstances control a suit of power armor without human assistance.


"Sure, he doesn't talk much, but he's the first one I'm looking to when the bullets start flying."
Hologram by evilgarlic-d68idg1

A Simple AI in use

Simple AI represent a practical side of the two types of AI. Despite their name, a Simple AI is more than capable of managing, organizing, examining and presenting huge volumes of data in seconds, a task that would overwhelm even the most technologically gifted of humans. The term "simple" refers more to their personal complexity, or lack thereof. Though all AI are capable of verbal communication, simple AI almost always only speak when spoken to, or only to alert their master to pertinent events and information. Although capable of taking a human form as their ghost, the specter will appear stiff, expressionless and completely lifeless, with little to no effort spared to tone down the "glow" of their forms. If left unattended, most Simple AI will remain with the default mote of light appearance as their avatar. A Simple AI changing it's own ghost is the full extent of any individuality an AI of their type is thought to be able to exhibit.

Because Simple AI are able to provide largely the same quality of administrative and diagnostic services as a Sentient AI while being less resource intensive and requiring less attention, they are often referred to as the "Bargain Bin" option. As Simple AI lack the means to act personable with their owners, it is not uncommon for most Armor users to simply think of their Simple AI as nothing more than highly advanced computer programs. While this is essentially true, it often leads to an underestimation of the capabilities of a Simple AI and a lack of appreciation for the services they are able to provide. Simple AI are, of course, unable to comprehend such a concept, and will serve their owner faithfully no matter what the case, and always to the fullest extent of their ability.


"How do you make a 12 foot-tall walking tank even more dangerous? You hurt its 'Feelings."

A Sentient AI's specter

Sentient AI are everything a Simple AI is and leagues more. A freshly-created Sentient AI is much like its Simple cousin at first, using the same mote of light specter form and speaking with a flat, toneless voice devoid of personality. However, Sentient AI have an extraordinary ability to learn and develop from their surroundings, and will very quickly learn to pick up on cultural references, social queues and behaviors all to develop a unique personality as deep and complex as a real human being.

In addition to being generally easier to interact with due to their more developed sense of self, Sentient AI possess all of the same information processing qualities as Simple AI. The less technologically inclined find Sentient AI more useful in this task due to their ability to learn to tailor information feeds to the user's preference, and the less socially inclined find them to be excellent companions. However, the effects of an owner and their AI's personal relationship with one another can have negative consequences as well as positive benefits. A Sentient AI's wide range of personal freedom can occasionally make it less efficient in its task than a Simple AI, as it may decide to get angry and become less helpful. An abysmal relationship with a Sentient AI may result in it simply severing contact with its owner and refusing to help, or worse still, actively work against them. On the other hand, being on good terms with one's AI ensures reliability from an extremely capable and irreplaceable ally.


Contrary to most assumptions, AI are extremely limited in their choice of physical dwellings. Though AI have a tremendous breadth of "travel range" in the digital world, in the real world, AI can only permanently inhabit a suit of Armor. While this does not necessarily mean that it must be the Armor they were created with, an Armor without an AI does not inherently possess the means to house one, meaning that the only way for an Armor to gain an AI is to have lost one prior. The difference in grade between Simple AI and Sentient AI does not seem to matter in this regard, as experiments in "AI swapping" between Armors with one of each kind have shown no decrease in performance from either subject.

Aside from transfers between Armors, the only other alternative housing lies within the human brain itself, though this is only temporary. A human outfitted with Spinal Column Interface can allow their AI partial access into their mind while the Armor is in use, while a Brain Implant will allow the user to actually physically carry the AI out of the Armor inside their head. AI storage via Brain Implant is not indefinite, however, as having two voices in one head can get annoying, and carrying an AI for extended periods of time can cause severe mental strain, and possibly even brain damage.