"Psh, nothing personal, kid."

Character Information
Allias: Ascendant
Real Name:

Zypher Blaise

Species: Human
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Challenger
Faction: Unaffiliated
Status: Alive


A young man with a passion for proving he is better than everyone else, Blaise took to the fighting Armor lifestyle like a fish to water, never hesitating to throw himself at the biggest obstacle he could find just to see if he could come out on top. Rather amazingly, he's managed to survive thus far and earn a reputation as a strongheaded challenger, further boosting his already overflowing self-confidence and hubris to excessively obnoxious levels. He is believed to have once been a part of the Pack, but now works alone as an Independent, preferring to not let faction interests and other people get in his way of becoming the best there ever was.


Brash and antagonistic, Blaise thrives on his own arrogance. His selfish attitude makes him a difficult person to work with, making him a loner as much by result of this as by choice. Blaise's pride isn't entirely baseless, however. He has a proven track record and a rather impressive string of kills alongside a long list of close calls, making it difficult to insist that he isn't the greatest thing to exist since nanomachines. He follows his own strange rules and tends to be typically shortsighted, but fights fearsomely for the things near and dear to him; it just so happens to more often than not himself and his own well-being.


Ascendant is a medium-class Armor of the Harpy sub-type, giving it a strangely thin and gangly look when moving in mid-air. The armor is capable of flight via mechanical wings that fold into the back when not in use. The Armor is primarily a melee attack, utilizing a black cutting blade of unknown grade and a set of retractable claws in the hands and feet in close combat. At range, Ascendent is armed with a forearm-mounted autorifle used while closing the distance and to dispatch soft targets.

Character SheetEdit

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