The PilotEdit

Handle Silver Harpy
Name Aurora
Nationality American
Ethnicity Elven
Occupation Drifter
Factions Elforce Alpha
Location S.S. Kshorwa Victory


Hard Points PDF
Name Silver Harpy
Base Heavy, Harpy, Wyvern
Interface Brain Implant 1
  • External Sensors
  • X-Ray
  • Voice
  • Progenitor Nanites
  • Hydra Nanites
  • Stasis
  • Self-Repair II
  • Particel Laser Cannon - Tail
  • Hard Point 5 - Tail
  • Hard Point 5 - Right hand
  • Rail gun - Right hand
  • Full Range Motion
  • Target Lock
  • Composite material
  • Improved Hull
  • Physical Shield
  • Temperature Resistance 1
  • Flight
  • Kinetic Servos

Not a special person, just lucky enough to have a pod smash their belongings. Which is exactly why they took the opportunity to change themselves. Genetics, appearance, and hopefully outlook. Using a normal webcam, and regular ass wifi, our intrepid idiot enacted a plan. To cast out upon the intranets the strange life of a man that aquired power armor of dubious origin for no known reason whatsoever, and used it to exchange his DNA with that of a lewd bodied elven lass. The fool was hopeful. Hopeful that space elves, or whatever was out there, and would come down peacefully to lift humanity up into the stars. A dream delayed too long already.

What to do in the mean time? There were ideals, unattainable, and always to be strived for. With power, much could be done. That would require travel, for the sleepy northwestern state was not a haven of wicked deeds, nor villains that were past redemption. Besides, how would someone so radically diffrent prove their identity? Time to move on.

Eventually some like minded people started to gather. Only a few, for it is a strange idea, and who would be so willing to put themselves at risk with some genderswapped pervert with a webcam? WORK IN PROGRESS.


Sometimes cold but usually eager to talk. Honest and literal, sometimes missing jokes. When the mood strikes, quick to formulate her own punchlines.


Tall, barbie doll build. Pic related.


Aurora is on good or better terms with all of her comrades. Though the dynamics of each relationship varies.

There is a growing number of non EF that she considers friends.

Elforce Alpha
Pilots: Tankfag, Silver Knight, Mr. Engie, Kamala, Silver Harpy, Trap, BrutalKitty, Sir Maphe, Lueur, Yue