'Bringing A Light To The Brink', the symbolic torch logo of the Brinkers.

The Brinkers, an alliance of Suit Pilots, scientists, explorers, businessmen and adventurous individuals using the power of the Suits to continue the spirit of exploration and adventure that once made the world mysterious and unknown.

Making a small profit doesn't hurt either.

Men and Women of Brilliance, Power, Wealth and AdventureEdit

The Brinkers are a small faction that formed in the months after Suit Fall first as a small group of Safety Net pilots who would use the network to link up and use their Suits to explore previously inaccessible places on Earth and in the case of three of them, try and explore space as well.

Eventually, they came to attention of businessmen and women along with other unaffiliated pilots looking to do more than just wander the planet and fight, and soon after that, a group of scientists approached the original group of pilots as well, seeking their help in exploring still unmapped parts of the world's oceans and land, and that was when the idea was hatched to form a group that although not militarily powerful, possessed great scientific and economic influence.

Scientists would gain incredible amounts of data, suit pilots would be able to do more than just fight for one of the Factions or fight the Factions off, and the businessmen would gain new avenues of financial gain.

The UNISSO report on the Brinkers regards them as dangerous by virtue of the thirty suit pilots in their employ, but their efforts are considered support-worthy and the UNISSO is a public backer of the Brinker's various exploration and research initiatives.

The AtlanteansEdit

The Atlanteans are a Brinker sub-faction of Suit Pilots and adventurous people that have made it their mission to colonise the deepest and darkest places of the ocean, for reasons ranging from adventure to finding ways to alleviate over-population. Atlanteans are all Deep-Sea equipped Power Suits, mostly Sahuagin and Mermaids with some Bipeds supported by a converted underwater research vessel that acts as a link to the surface, supply carrier, and base for a small number of Harpies and three Scorpion-type Driders armed with heavy weapons for defence.

The Atlanteans are led by a man and wife team who joined after wandering the oceans as pirate hunters and decided that they wanted to do some actual good beyond sinking pirate vessels and dragging their occupants underwater. They operate a pair of Superheavy Sahuagin and still go and attack pirates when not overseeing and defending the construction of the first practical underwater habitat for humans in the North Sea. The Atlanteans believe that they'll have the first pressure dome operational in a few months, and once inside, work will begin on expanding into more domes.

Currently there's some arguments about what to name the place.