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Faction Information
Name: Desperado Enforcement
Current Leader: Desperado Board of Directors
Established: November 2015
Base of Operations: Desperado Headquarters, Mexico City, Mexico
Goals: War profiteering
Status: Active

(For the Armored Descent faction this group is based off of, please see the Desperado Enforcement page.)

Desperado Enforcement is the worlds largest and most powerful PMC. They formed roughly one year after the Arrival and have enjoyed exponential growth as the demand for armored enforcers increases. Desperado Enforcement finds employment from all manner of nations, corporations and other groups willing to pay their exorbitant fees for the best protection on the market.


The natural disasters brought on by the Arrival and the Armors uncovered immediately after provided ample catalysts for powder keg situations around the world to be set off. One such situation occurred in Mexico, where the sudden stress of the global economy and threat of immediate alien invasion caused an intense flurry of infighting between the national government, the drug cartels, and locals with armor that sided with neither party. Amidst all three groups were bands of Armors that sold their unique services to anyone willing to pay, offering protection, firepower, and simple numbers to whichever faction could afford them at the time. Eventually, one group emerged the victor from the confused mess of conflict, though each faction had been rendered unrecognizable by the blurred and shifting battle lines, purchased loyalties and assassinations both carefully plotted and publicly performed. In the end, no one could be entirely sure who won the street war, but with new-faced government also rose the Armored faction that had supported it, which would later be publicly registered as Desperado Enforcement.

Its unknown if the mercenary groups offered their support in such a haphazardly way on purpose in order to ensure their good standing with the new government leaders, or if events simply played out as they did and Desperado Enforcement came together immediately afterwards, but the result was a tough new regime over the country by the new Mexican government, with the newly-created security company Desperado Enforcement contracted as a private police force for the officials put in place. Benefiting from direct government support and their own business ventures as an incomparable world-wide PMC, Desperado Enforcement has enjoyed exponential growth into a force to be reckoned with. Quickly developing a reputation for ruthlessness and aggression, Desperado Enforcement will fight anyone at any time if it means making a profit from their actions, and if an operation gives rise to more opportunities for employment, then so much the better.

Tactics and OrganizationEdit

Though they present themselves as a private security corporation, Desperado Enforcement is a faction built for warfare. The company encourages and fosters a fearsome reputation, outfitting its regular enforcers with dehumanizing gear in a striking red and black colour scheme. The skull and diamond motif is found on every official item, document and asset owned by the company, all to exude an image of an organization that has no qualms with its death-dealing occupation. Their close affiliation with the Mexican government gives them maximum authority within their own borders, and the huge sums of funds passing between both entities ensures their operations are well-supported and far-reaching.

Desperado Enforcement has gotten where it is today thanks to its aggressive methods in both business and combat. They favour hard-hitting armors that can overwhelm an enemy with their sheer firepower. They prefer smaller, recognizably human armors to better mesh with their regular infantry elements, which they make heavy use of. Heavier armors tend to be treated more akin to tanks in regular militaries, with infantry operating in support of rather than alongside them. A minimum-sized squad of Enforcers usually numbers at five members, though special cases are not uncommon. Desperado Enforcement also actively seeks out employment of infiltration armors, though this is a guarded corporate secret. They place surprisingly heavy value on armors capable of stealth and sabotage. These armors are used to recover intelligence of enemy movements, uncover corporate secrets and destabilize target governments. Though much more subtle the the guns-blazing approach they tend to be known for, these missions tent to yield exorbitant funds when successfully completed. Conventional Desperado forces are numerous and often extremely well equipped, boasting some of the latest in military surplus armaments and protection. Enforcers of all ranks sport heavy ballistic armor, faceshields and steel helmets. Their standard armament is the FX-05 Xiuhcoatl assault rifle and its variants, a modern weapon developed and manufactured out of Mexico previously intended to be issued to the Mexican Army. All Enforcers also carry a Baretta 92 pistol as a sidearm, as well as a uniquely designed machete presented to members of the faction upon successfully completing the mandatory qualification course. Being a PMC rather than a proper military, Desperado Enforcement lacks heavy armor and aircraft assets. Desperado does, however, posses a large motor pool of DN-XI armored personnel vehicles, painted in their distinctive colors and mounting several different turret-mounted weapon systems. While primarily intended for conventional use, they are also known to possess a variant of the DN-XI specifically made to transport Armors. Terminal Enforcers are a special subgroup within Desperado specifically set aside for their highly developed anti-Armor skills. More than a few Terminal Enforcers are former Hunters, who gave up their lonesome missions to put their abilities to work in exchange for large volumes of hard cash. This means that Terminal Enforcers are headhunters beyond compare, representing a trump card reserved for individuals that have earned the direct and personal ire of Desperado Enforcement's leadership. Though they number less than a handful of individuals, they are considered a powerful and secret asset hidden within the general ranks of the company until such a time comes when their skills are needed to cut down yet another of Desperado's enemies.


Desperado Enforcement keeps its doors open to anyone willing to join. This is offset by the very high training requirements pushed by the company, which has been compared to the special forces of other countries, ensuring only a small percentage of applicants actually make it through the regiment. Most of Desperado's conventional Enforcers are therefore often former military or gang members already conditioned for the battlefield, or impressionable young men eager to join a world-spanning mercenary organization. In regards to Armors, Desperado acknowledges that with such a limited pool to draw from around the world, a quantity over quality approach must be taken.They have a keen interest in acquiring additional Armors, for which the aptitude requirements are waved in exchange for a substantial paycheck in order to ensure loyalty to the company. For this reason, Desperado forbids its Armors affiliating with other factions and groups outside itself.

Base of OperationsEdit

Desperado Enforcement is based officially in Mexico City, where the Desperado Board of Directors sees to the management of the company. This is where the vast majority of the faction's recruitment and outfitting takes place. Desperado Enforcement also has a few small offices in other areas of the world, usually established at or near locations where frequent employment opportunities can be expected.

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