The PilotEdit

Handle Dynamo
Name Unknown
Nationality Scandinavia
Occupation Mercenary
Factions Outer Haven
Location Unknown

Red Sun


HardTarget TRPG edition
Name Red Sun
Variant Medium
Construct Harpy 

  • Mobile
  • Armored
  • Lightweight
Material Experimental

Improved Hull

Temperature Resistance 2

Self repair




Kinetic Servos

Deep sea/ Space Module


Enhanced Vision

Thermal Vision 


X-Ray vision




Universal Translator


Hydra Nanites


Towing Cable


Hardpoints 4 and 5

Cutting Blade Rank 5

Colossal Ballistics

Dedicated Mental Tasking

Before Dynamo got his suit he was just an ordinary student somewhere in Scandinavia. The pod landed right outside his dorm, and Dynamo was the first one to get a look at it. First Dynamo used the suit just to get a few kicks, but after military tried to seize him, he had to escape from the country. Soon he found himself doing mercenary work in the middle-east, where new battles popped up almost everyday. 

Being a mercenary was alright with Dynamo. Helping solve conflicts, getting to use his suit, it was all okay with him. But something still felt not right. Everyday when he went to sleep he felt like there was no home for him. Just drifting from battle to battle, wandering from place to place. That changed when he found about Outer Haven. A place where people like him could live happily, not waging wars every three seconds.


Dynamo is a rather happy-go-lucky person. Money doesn't enjoy his company for a long time, he's happy to meet new people be it in towns or battlefields. Serious when on duty, but after that he'll just go and have some good time.


He is 175cm/5'8 tall, has brown hair and green eyes. Usually seen wearing suit, taking it off only when he knows it won't be needed.

The SuitEdit

"Watch the sun" was a saying that began to circulate within military camps in middle-east. The saying was usually told to the people who just enlisted to fight. "Why" was usually asked from the people who said those words. "You'll find out soon enough" was the answer they got. Red Sun attacked using sun as his cover, as looking into sun and firing in it's direction could cause severe eye damage.

Dynamo was mostly hired in military ops that required close contact with the enemy. He tore apart enemy infantry and vehicles with its Cutting Blade and .50cal autocannon. His fighting methods are much "hit 'n' run" like, striking fast and with precision, and getting out before reinforcements arrive.

Mechanics (HardTarget TRPG ver)Edit

Recharge: 1 hour
PR: 6
STR: 1300lbs = about 600 kiloes.
AV: 3 + 5 + 1 + 1 = 10
Height: 175cm * 1,25 = 218cm
Weight: 84 kiloes = about 168 lbs
Mobility: 30m + 15m + 15m = 60m
Air Supply: 2h
Cutting Blade rank 5 (left hand)
Physical Shield (right hand)
Colossal Ballistics (right hand)