"Hello, my name is Ezekiel Harth. EZ for short. Or Uncle. Or Skitter. EZH. PMC. Know what, call me whatever, just don't be a dick about it."


Suit Name Tisiphone
Real Name Ezekiel Harth
Nationality American
Occupation General do gooder/bader
Factions Outer Haven
Location Unknown

Medium Arachnid Drider

  • Light Weight
  • Mobile
  • Armored
  • Industrial Materials
  • Brain Implant_2
  • External Sensors
  • WI-FI
  • Vocal
  • None
  • Sentient AI
  • Towing Cable
  • Railgun
  • DMT
  • Rank 1 Ballistics
  • Rank 5 hardpoint
  • Temperature Resistance 2
  • Pressure Shield
  • Infiltrator
  • Invisibility


  • Kinetic Servos
  • Adhesion
  • Deep Space/Sea Module


  • Pressure Resistance 10
  • Stength Multiplier x10
  • Armor Design 4
  • Height Multiplier x1.25
  • Weight 405lbs
  • Mobility 52.5 meters
  • Recharge 1 hour
  • Air supply 2 hours
  • Material Value 5


  • Missions: 1

Ezekiel Lazarus Harth, 24, 6' 6", brown hair, green eyes, unhinged. His life is never boring, especially with the new options having a suit brings. Waking up in the middle of the night due to a pod falling in his backyard, he decided to investigate further, while others were waking up, and police could be heard off in the distance. Lo and behold the bringer of change, one of the soon to be infamous suit pods. Unlike some, he has almost completely discarded his old life in preference for suitage, foregoing the past as a fevered dream. Not to say he doesn't privately contact a few of his old friends, which may end up getting them in trouble. But they know a super hero now right? What could possibly go wrong? Joining up with Outer Haven seemed like a good bet after awhile of just living off the land, the North American branch having problems with Desperado is bound to bring work, or just out right relocating, dabbling with the thoughts of going freelance.


A generally thoughtful individual, if he doesn't sympathize with you he probably figured its for the best, or doesn't care much, its a coin toss. Smart but chaotic in nature, liking to test the boundaries of things and people before making up his mind on them. Prefers to give people the cold shoulder, or outright ignore their existence up to a point. Its certainly having an effect on his AI companion. Don't get me started on his meds either.

The SuitEdit

He pilots an arachnid suit called "Tisiphone," an all rounder which leans heavily towards stealth/command, leading him to his current ops leader status among his black operations group. Also with him is his AI "Fayette" who helps dealing with the influx of information, twisting it this way and that to note down every little detail, while helping him with technological aspects when it comes to hacking, and the suit. Generally tries to react when he is unable to. Known for blaring music through his suit in the off time, much to the anguish of the "tasteless," even though the selection is seemingly random.