HLRA-001 "Armageddon"
Mecha front kodiak by shimmering sword-d6dcf3v

Armageddon, ready to fire.

Name Armageddon
Real Name George Smith
Nationality German
Occupation Soldier
Factions The Hunters
Location Varies
Suit, Armored Descent
  • Superheavy Quadruped
  • Industrial Armor
  • Controls
  • External/Internal Status
  • Enhanced Vision
  • Vocal
  • Hydra Nanites
  • Dummy A.I. "Billy"
  • Fusion Missiles x4
  • Assisted Aim
  • Guidance System
  • Target Lock
  • -
  • Kinetic Servos I
  • Teleport Beacon

George Smith pilots the HLRA-001 "Armageddon" since day one. The pod dropped right in his yard, a big farm outside of the city limits of Dresden, Germany. As his grandfather and father were gun-nuts, collectors of WW2 Weaponry and farmers, he only could think of one thing: Strap more guns to it. The suits setup guided him a little, but to no avail. He almost instantly quit his boring farm-job, only to defend himself against the police drones, not willing to let go of his newly aquired toy. Wandering the countryside for multiple weeks, fighting and living of the land, he encountered MRCC-001 "Eradicator" - who helped him to get out, unseen.


Some would call him simple, but he would hold against it - with the argument that every problem can be solved by enough guns. Cheerful and laughing whole-heartedly most of the time. Shows brotherly emotions for LST-001 "The All-Seeing Eye"'s Sarah. Is one of the main reasons she can stay calm in certain situations.

Considers himself a friend of Alexander and joined the hunters because of him. Doesn't necessarily share all their views, but does not really mind - if he gets to watch explosions and pull the trigger. Gets protective very fast, if he or one of his soldiers are a subject to a threat from "outside".


Now in his mid-thierties, has a brown tan. Wears no-sleeve jackets most of the time. Pretty muscular, pretty big - he stands 195cm tall at 130kilogramms.

Suit InfoEdit

As the name indicates, HLRA - (H)eavy (L)ong (R)ange (A)rtillery, his job on missions is to provide Heavy-Fire Support from a distance, his targets are mostly marked by Eye's sensors, and communicated to his suit via her Override-Signals. Heavily Reliant on those, he bombards the ground, just to let his Hunter-Squad Mates rush in. Got the Nickname "Armageddon" after destroying a heavy-fortified Hive of the Symbiotes, raining down an endless barrage of missiles, from miles afar. It is said that he uses the same kind of low/high-mass ammunition as his squad. His A.I. - Billy, an hommage to the "dumb farmer" others categorize him as.