"I just wanted to see the world."Edit

Name Kai
Real Name Jonathon Kai
  • Hair - Black
  • Eyes - Green
  • Height - 1.82m
  • Weight - 90kg
Nationality American

Freelance Pilot

Factions None
Location Unknown
Suit (HardTarget)
  • Mesh
  • Lightweight
  • Mobility
  • Functional Armor
  • Brain Implant 2
  • Thermal Vision
  • Enhanced Vision
  • External Status
  • X-Ray
  • Navigation
  • Wifi
  • Vocal
  • Progenitor Nanites
  • Hydra Nanites
  • Particle Laser Cannon
  • Kinetic Strike Module 1
  • Invisibility 
  • Temperature Resistance I
  • Infiltrator 
  • Self Repair I
  • Flare
  • Dummy AI
  • Collapsable
  • Flight
  • Kinetic Servos
  • Deep Sea/Space Module


Jonathon Kai, or Kai, grew up in small town middle America. His life before suitfall was unimportant, just another kid who wanted to see the world but thought he never would. That is until one night, when a pod crashed in a pond near his house. Suddenly his boring life took another direction. He finally had the means to see the world

For the first few months he flew around the world, seeing the sights that he always dreamed of seeing. Then he ran out of money. Not having anywhere else to go and not wanting to resort to crime, he picked up odd jobs to make some quick cash. At first it was simple work, delivering goods, moving something heavy, even a little of bounty work. He doesn't know how it started, or even when, but he started taking jobs and working with people that put himself and others in harms way. He told himself it was just for the money, when he had enough he would be done for good. The truth was he simply liked the rush.


Kai for the most part is an easy going guy who would rather sit back and relax on an exotic somewhere.  Frustrated that while his suit has given him so much freedom, it has also taken so much more away.

Suit Information (Hard Target)Edit

Kai know his suit isn't made for solo suit on suit combat. He'll stay away from enemy suits unless hes working in a group. He prefers to stay out of close range combat and sticks to support with his particle cannon.

  • Armor: Mesh (250)
  • Suit Construct: Harpy (230)
  • Unassociated: Mobility (220)
  • Unassociated: Lightweight (215)
  • Controls: Brain Implant 2 (200)
  • Armor Material: Functional (195)
  • Defense: Invisibility (185)
  • Defense: Infiltrator (175)
  • Defense: Temp Resitance 1 (170)
  • Defense: Self Repair 1 (160)
  • Defense: Flares (155)
  • Locomotion: Kinetic Servos (145)
  • Locomotion: Deep Sea/Space Module (125)
  • Locomotion: Flight (125)
  • Hud/Visual: Enhanced Vision (120)
  • Hud/Visual: Navigation (115)
  • Hud/Visual: X-Ray Vision (110)
  • Hud/Visual:Thermal Vision (105)
  • Hud/Visual: External Status (95)
  • Communications: Vocal (95)
  • Communications: WiFi (80)
  • Biology: Hydra Nanites (70)
  • Biology: Progenitor Nanites (60)
  • Utility: Dummy AI (55)
  • Utility: Collapsable (50)
  • Targeting: Dedicated Mental tasking (30)
  • Combat: Particle Laser Cannon (5)
  • Combat: Kinetic Strike Module 1 (0)