Kepler Eureka

Kepler Eureka, seen with his personal plasma rifle.

Name Kepler Eureka
Real Name Samora Simango
Nationality Mozambician
Occupation Soldier
Factions The Crusaders
Location Varies
  • Medium
  • Command
  • Nerve Suit
  • External Sensors
  • Enhanced Vision
  • Thermal/X-Ray
  • Communicator
  • WiFi
  • Hydra Nanites
  • Storage
  • Self-Repair
  • Plasma Gun
  • Plasma Torch
  • Missiles
  • Plasma Shield
  • Improved Hull
  • Temperature Resistance Mk.2
  • Adhesion

Kepler Eureka, originally called Samora Simango, recieved his suit in the scrub of his home country, Mozambique. His past beyond the early 2000's is unknown, but due to his age it can be assumed that he lived through the country's civil war. It is also apparent that he received a good education, but it is unknown where he recieved this from. Since early 2010 he had been working as a bodyguard for tourists and construction workers in remote locations, but left to join the Crusaders after he received his suit. 


Samora is a loud and friendly man, prone to humming and tapping when he has little to do. A natural leader, he commands respect with no apparent effort and despite his apparently laid-back nature he has a sharp tactical wit and an extensive capability for combat. He rarely displays this talent, however, as his dedication to the Crusader ethos leads him to pursue all possibilities beyond violence. This unwillingness to engage in combat once resulted in the death of a team member. Since the incident he has been seen in Crusader company less and less, and at least once sighted travelling with Strider Watcher.


Samora is dark-skinned and middle aged, appearing to be in his late forties. He has a thick and neatly-trimmed beard, but is otherwise bald. His left ear is missing, and if he is questioned on it he will say that it was bitten off by a goose. 

Suit Information

The suit is a bulky mass of black plates with a high collar and a series of pouches and bags hanging from the torso. In these he keeps various items, ranging from ammunition and explosives to his wallet and a small Mozambique flag. Across his back is a rack of seeker missiles, fired using the suit's HUD systems, and among his plethora of equipment and weaponry is a high powered plasma torch and an exotic plasma rifle. In combat, he mostly uses this plasma rifle as a holdout weapon while he acts as a leader and tactical advisor to those around him, often leading unsuited operatives as both a heavy weapons platform and an advanced communications/command unit.