LST-001 "Clairvoyance"
KILL RACETRACK by zhegesha

Sarah's Suit, Front+Back

Name Clairvoyance
Real Name Sarah Linvingston
Nationality German
Occupation Soldier
Factions The Hunters
Location Varies
Suit, Armored Descent
  • Light / Biped
  • Functional Armor
  • Brain Implant Mk.2
  • External/Internal Status
  • Enhanced Vision
  • Navigation
  • Thermal Vision
  • X-Ray Vision
  • Vocal
  • Wi-Fi
  • Command Suite
  • Progenitor Nanites
  • Sentient AI "Tristan"
  • Pigeon
  • Octopus
  • Tentacle
  • Spider
  • Dedicated Mental Tasking
  • 3 Combat Drones, LMG
  • EMP Cannon
  • Invisibility
  • Flight

Before the fall Sarah Livingston was a normal College-student, interested in art, philosophy and shoes. Two weeks after the initial outbreak, a terrorist attack by one of the suits destroyed her school, almost driving her insane. After therapy and heavy medication, she was realeased from the clinic, only to suffer another flashback as she witnessed violent protests in her hometown, Berlin. She got mad, went into her car , only to drive without aim, till her tank emptied. Now, after abandoning her car she started running. Somewhere in the wilds, in one of the forests around her hometown, she discovered a shiny pod, and after curiously touching it, she emerged from it, born-a-new. Her loadout is probably one of the side-effects of her former paranoid tendencies, which alongside her traumatic experiences, twisted her mind. She now thinks she could have prevented all of the outcomes, and feels responsible. Since then she works alongside MRCC-001 "Eradicator" as the battlefield-observer.


Unfriendly to strangers. Has a tendency of violence, even for the slightest mistake. Always carrys a taser with her, tends to get loud. She thinks only the powerful deserve their suit, she hates weakness. After bare-handedly fighting multiple suits and barely surviving she has joined The Hunters.


Seems like a late-twenties girl. Messy blonde hair. Progenitor genes are in full effect, making her taller, beautiful and slightly arrogant. Sarah tends to freak out if someone touches her. Has to be looked after, or she might snap.

Has a brotherly relationship with the Pilot of Armageddon. Is fascinated by Eradicator. Respects The Cleric.

Her AI seems to have taken the form of a servant, who is punished for mistakes on a regular basis. It doesn't seem as he plans to leave in the future, and has taken on a parently role.

Suit SpecsEdit

For her all-seeing, non-fighting suit, and herself being more tech-y than involving herself in combat, she has earned her nickname "Clairvoyance".