Suit Tag ManValkyrie
Real Name Hans Kriegson
Location MidWest USA

TBMS: Courier/Enforcer

SN: Relocator

Size Mesh
Specialty Mobility
Interface Nerve Interface

External Staus

  • Voice
  • WI-FI
  • Hydra Nanites
  • Projenitor Nanites
  • Additional Form (Wings)
  • Self Repair
  • Sentient AI

Plasma gun

  • Temp. Resistance II
  • Plasma Shield
  • Flight
  • Air Generator


After being awoken at midnight by the large blast in his backyard, Hans braved the blizzard to see what had disrupted his sleep. To his surprise he found a large metal obelisk imbedded in the frozen ground, it then began speaking to him. Despite his general distrust towards talking astral pillars, Hans began listening to what the strange structure was saying. 


A bright floating screen was projected in front of him. As Hans scrolled through the list he stared in amazement at what the options available, only breaking from his stupified trances by the biting cold and howling wind of the white out he was standing in. As his fingers began slowly turning blue, he made his decisions and quickly scrambled into the mesh bodysuit that was then ejected from the pod, before it desintegrated.

"THIS, 'IS, AWESOME! " Hans roared as he spread his new pair of wings and rocketed into the sky.


Mostly just happy to have something as otherworldly and fantastic as this happen to him, Hans' goal is moslty just to enjoy himself. At first it was just the joy of flying around and befriending his AI, but as more and more suits made their presence Hans knew he had to find a place among them. Joining the Thunderbirds and the Safety Net gives him a chance help other suits and use his wings to their full potential. Generally easygoing, Hans is willing to do whatever is need to help out and pass the time.


The big man, made bigger by his suit and nanites, rarely ever removes his armor. He even sleeps in it on most occasions. Besides his size and suit, his only other outstanding feature it his massive mop of bright orange hair.

Suit InfoEdit

A bronze shine comes from this suit, looking almost like an ancient set of armor given new life with strange alien technology. Run by female AI with a bit of a... direct personality. When first getting aquainted she adjusted to Hans' lax attitude towards truthfully answering any and all of her questions no matter the subject or context. He wanted her to know it all, so he explained it all with a blunt accuracy that had no chance of sugar coating. Along with with free reign surfing the internet, Val (the AI's self appointed name) doesn't concieve much in the sense of conversational boundaries. If she wants to know, she asks, which can lead to some interesting questions coming from an AI still fresh to this new world.