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In an effort to establish continuity to the infamously unexplained and unknown elements of TE, M695 pulled together three major sections in order to help establish lore that would not railroad or lock players into a specific plotline, but rather give new life to previously flat factions and unexplored national and political elements.

The lore will develop over time. Because PACYOA:TE is built specifically around the community, and is tailored to ensure access and provide entertainment for a wide range of players and player types, things that have not been explained may not be explained by M695 or Zipline. Instead, it may boil down to the players themselves developing plotlines that are integrated into the overarching plotline of PACYOA:TE.

NOTES OF RECOGNITION FROM M695: Special Thanks to the PACYOA:TE community for the assistance in developing and refining the mechanics and aspects of the game originally unexplored. Thanks to Bunyip for compiling notes on the Green Initiative overhaul, which were used as a basis for the Green Initiative detailed in the lore. Thanks to Bunyip for inspiring and giving life to the Western Russia section of lore. Thanks to Zipline for carrying a large amount of Head GM weight during my absence, as well as giving life to the city-state of Chicago. Thanks to Light Tim for detailing and developing the Sinaloa Federation and expanding Mexico.

If there are things that have not been expanded on which you feel SHOULD BE, please contact M695 at his email (this can be provided in PACYOA:TE threads).

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The threads are archived on the Thread History page.

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The current rules for the Teamwork Edition can be found here

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