Seraph M prototype 03

Sir Maphe's suit: The Seraph-M

Sir Maphe Edit

It should be noted that Sir Maphe is not this pilot's real name, but rather an anagram for Seraphim, the namesake of his suit, the Seraph-M (see below)

When Sir Maphe found his suit at the start of the drop, he immediately decided that he would become a super-hero, and a lot of his actions revolve around that decision. This isn't just the fake name, but also his unwillingness to be seen getting in/out of his suit in public. He still leads a "normal" life on mondays, wednesdays, and thursdays, during which he goes by his secret identity. He won't reveal where he works, even to the other members of ElForce, though it's rumored to be at a news station.

When off-duty but still on the ship, he wears normal clothes with the exception of the visor part of his mask, just to keep up with the whole "secret identity" business (and sneak peaks at the female team members). He has seven sets of differently colored contact lenses that he alternates between to wear under that for just in case. 

While he's on the ship and off-duty, he has a very laid back attitude, and enjoys things like videogames and D&D. When he's fully suited up, though, his personallity becomes that of SIR MAPHE, ANGEL OF JUSTICE (the title may vary)!!! During this time, anything he says that insn't a combat-related order is some cheesy metaphor about the struggles of good vs evil (eg, "AS LONG AS THERE ARE EVEN FUMES IN THE TANK OF HOPE, A SPARK OF JUSTICE WILL KEEP THE ENGINE OF HUMANITY FIGHTING ALONG!"). No, he not will stop yelling until at least half of his suit comes off.


The Seraph-M is a white and yellow mesh suit of the harpy varient. The "wings" float behind the suit, and don't flap when airborn. The propulsions systems are not fully understood. The suit's two gauntlets have blue gems just above the wrist which are actually buttons. The button on his left gauntlet activates a hardlight shield, while the other shoots an electro-pulse to disable electronics and stun organics. His main method of assault, though, is the gauntlets themselves, which are hooked up to kinetic strike modules. His lack of both ranged and heavy weaponry is compensated for by his speed. Due to the material the suit's made from, alongside other boosters, Sir maphe actually weighs less with the suit on than he does with it off, which only adds to the extreme mobility that is standard for harpy suits. However, his combat is not very sustainable. Because of his fists being his only real weapon, he has to rely on things like his electro pulse (takes 5 minutes to recharge) and his flares (he only gets three per day) on anything more resiliant than a box of tissues. Truly, Sir Maphe in Seraph-M is a prime example of "His bark is worse than his bite"