Bloody Hand

The symbol of the Cult Of The Bloody Hand, currently the largest of the Suit Cults.

According to UNISSO reports, some Suit Pilots have been appearing at the head of pseudo-religious gatherings and militias.

While small groups of armed individuals supporting Suits with Technicals, RPGs and small-arms are not uncommon, these groups have all the hall-marks of a deliberate action by pilots to foster religious cults of personality where they bank the power of their suits as a form of protection for individuals in exchange for a ready-made intelligence and logistical support group that, while low quality, is able to allow these pilots to be alerted about possible opposition, gain foreknowledge of possible targets, and locate safe places to rest and repair.

There are a number of small Suit Cults, but as the Suit Pilots and their Factions slowly tip the balance of power in the world, the UNISSO believes that they will only continue to grow in number.

Cult Of The Bloody HandEdit

The most prominent of the Suit Cults, numbering at two hundred individuals, all of whom follow the Suit Pilots calling themselves the Bloody Hand. Unaffiliated mercenary pirates operating a mixture of Harpy, Sahuagin and Deep-Sea capable Quadrupeds from a tiny fleet of converted and stolen ships and boats, including a stolen Russian Navy Destroyer that acts as their headquarters, the Bloody Hand are the largest Suit Cult in the world so far, roaming international shipping lanes for loot or conducting vicious amphibious strikes. Currently they have been last spotted in the Pacific Ocean.