MrKay priest by MisterKay


Unforgiving. Zealous. Brilliant.

Only three of the qualities of the man, formerly known as Father John, of a small village in Greenwood, USA.

Although the believers were dwindling, he still believed.

Although his church was demolished, he still believed.

Although the suits fell, he still believed.

Although terror rose, he still believed.

Although some of his friends vanished, he still believed.

Although he found the strange pod in the construction site in his former church, he still believed.

Finally, as some unknown lunatics killed his family while trying to get his hands on his suit, "The Great Armaments" he snapped. He cursed the world, never to be seen again. He banded like-minded people, and vowed to strip the unworthy, power-abusing or careless factions of their newly inherited possessions. He stripped every record of any database to be found, and vanished.


Nothing about John Carwick is known. It is rumored that he infiltrated multiple government agencies, eradicating any confirmations of his existance. Even most of his former parish-members only reported that someday he showed up, and took on the role as priest, after the former died due to old-age. After gathering subordinates, he has re-emerged and taken the name of "The Cleric". Most of them have a reason that is pretty similar to his, although some lunatics have joined as well, looking for the hardest fights possible.

The graveyard of Greenwood has two graves that link to him, one dubbed "Lynn Carwick: 2098 - 2142" the other "Annabelle Carwick: 2132-2142". Residents confirmed both graves to belong to the wife and the daughter of the man formerly known as John Carwick.


John is reported to have a trustable appearence. His face features a white, short beard and a long scar running down his face, then his throat, then his body. It is said that the Cleric is of old age, presumably age 60 or older.

Unfortunately, no one was able to confirm those Infos, yet.

The Great ArmamentsEdit

Not much is known about this unique suit. Rumor has it, that his suit moves strangely, as you would in Zero-G, the vacuum. Unconfirmed sightings report that of a winged, white angel with black highlights and halos floating around parts of its body. No one has seen the use of firearms. A report was told, that "The Cleric" wields a strange, huge sword, entirely out of an unknown material.

His speed seems to be non-comprehensible. Nobody until now could even scratch the suit of the cleric. Still, nothing is known and all these stories have still to be verified by experts.