The Hunters-edit

Scale & Sword - the Hunter Logo.


The Hunters were founded by a man known as The Cleric. His family was killed when he was attacked in his home by fellow suit owners when they learned he possessed a unique suit called "The Great Armaments".


Men and women of power constantly change the course of the world. In the past this was a good thing. Many great things have been done by, and because of, these powerful people. But if history has taught us anything, it is that man is weak. He is short lived and often forgets his place in the world. He lets his ego or ambition blind him. And thus he commits atrocities upon his follow man.

Men of power are stupid and destructive when left to their own devices. And so they must be stripped of that power, and it must be safeguarded and wielded by the worthy.


The goal of The Hunters is to obtain as much in the way of armor and tech that they can, dispatch the useless or unworthy, and (when possible) defend, or avoid the deaths of non-combatants.


Hunters strife to obtain the newest technology. May it be one of the elven, the military, or one of the other factions. The hunters take the armor, or the lives, of the unworthy and make it their own. They reverse engineer their trophies and augment their prized suits.


Many view them as nothing more than pirates or sharks because of their habit of hiring themselves out as mercs, but that is only a small part of their reputation. They believe that most are not ready for the power that the pods and armor grant them. Many people and organizations wield them for selfish or destructive reasons. They are at once, one of the most feared, and most respected faction to emerge due to their vicious nature in combat, but also their defense of the weak or unarmed. They rarely fight an enemy that possess no weapons, and if their terms are met, they will leave the pilot alive.

Rumor has it, that more than once a selected squad of Elite-Soldiers dropped in from above, only to eradicate both sides, taking everything, be it man, machine or symbiote, leaving nothing behind only to vanish, unseen.


Recently, the Hunters launched minor attacks on some the smaller factions, as well as research stations or enemies. Although taking heavy casualties, some prototypes and weapons were stolen.

Associated PilotsEdit

The Cleric

Bliss, Codename: "Angel"

HLRA-001 "Armageddon"

LST-001 "Clairvoyance"

MRCC-001 "Eradicator"

-several unknown-