Robot whale 1 by volta1228-d6x3pnv

Courier for Thunderbird Mail Service, The Whale is an oddball mech in that it's one of the few aquatic couriers available.  It compensates for its immense size by being both durable and mobile. It uses its powerful chassis to its advantage by sinking to the bottom of the ocean, being able to withstand immense oceanic pressure, in order to recharge without worrying about potential pirates. 


The Whale has gone through the hands of several pilots. When it first landed, it missed its mark and landed in an australian desert, where it was quickly pawned by the local aboriginees for a few months rent. Its first pilot was a rich australian playboy, who quickly found the mech's AI to be too stressful, its intrusive interface constantly demanding his guidance. It was then sold to Thunderbird Mailing Service, who toyed with it for a while, and had it sitting in one of their storage facilities, until an old wirey man showed up. His name was Johnathan Morgan, who had since been referred to by the locals as well as his employers as Captain Ahab. He claims the Mech had appeared to him in a dream, calling to him, and swears by his life it speaks to him, and cares for him, even if it is just a large hunk of metal.

Suit Name The Whale
Pilot Name Johnathan Morgan (AKA Captain Ahab)
Nationality Australian
Occupation Sea Courier
Factions Thunderbird Mailing Service
Location Under The Sea
Class Fortress


Cyber Brain




  • Advanced Suit Status
  • Sonar
  • Radio
  • Defense Maze
  • Fins
  • Gills
  • Extra Arm/Fin
  • Metal Storm
  • Missile Launcher
  • Plasma Shield