Handle Thorn
Real Name Kaspar Ludvig Meyer
Nationality German
Ethnicity Caucasian
  • Head Scientist
  • Doctor
  • Leader of R&D Department 
  • One of the Council
Factions Abyss
Location R&D Facility, Dark City, Pacific

"Here we have the wonders of the unknown, two sentient races, from the vast blackness, bringing an answer to the old question 'Are we alone in this universe?', but now that we have our answer, only thing left to ask is 'Are we ready to accept it?', and that is something I don't know." - Dr. Kaspar Meyer, after the initial contact with the Fae, 20XX 


"The Abyss has gotten one thing right, alongside with our fair allies, that the research of these alien objects & technology, is the key to our future, while the others, up in the surface continue their meaningless battles & debates, we shall study, learn & discover the wonder that the Fae so graciously discarded." - Dr. Kaspar Meyer about the alien artifacts, 20XX


Born in the 60's, near Berlin into a family of 4, he was considered gifted by his teachers in his early teenage years, after graduating with excellent grades from, and rewarded with a PhD by the University of Zurich, he began studying mechanics & theoretical physics, after it's establishment, he enrolled into to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

After the initial drop, he was sent with a group of scientists & engineers, originally to study the piece of the 'Gilded Matriarch', after few months the rigs were assaulted by the forces of Abyss, claiming them their own & sending those, who did not want to join their cause back to the mainland, not wanting to loose the chance to learn the wonders held by the spacecraft, he chose to pledge his loyalty & join their ranks alongside the rest his co-workers & a bunch of the original rig personnel, driven by the lust for knowledge & fame, that would be gained from uncovering the secrets of the sunken vessel.


Professional & hard-to-please, he drives his co-workers with an iron grip, while not exactly great at boosting work morale, the continuous discoveries & advancements reached by R&D team, have established him as succeeding person that knows how to get things done, respected & feared by his employees he has earned his place as the Head of the R&D department.

Work & DiscoveriesEdit