Trepanger ready to fly.

"Me? Quantum Ionic 'Schervo Cannon 'Blaschter? 'Yer speakin' in Greek; I ain't ever 'scheen no robot. But if 'ya keep slanderin' me, I'll Quatum Ionic you so far inta' the shit not even Thunderbird'll be able 'ta get 'yer sorry ass."


If you're looking for dirty work to be done in the sea and sky, Trepanger's your man(?). You'll usually find him(?) posted up in various sleazy bars across the Pacific, perpetually drunk thanks to Hydra Nanites, soliciting sex, craps, or liquor. Even though you may see a battle-hardened South African mercenary, a lithe Vietnamese schoolgirl, or a flashy American surfer, you'll always be greeted with a smug grin and the same vile, incredibly forward drunk known for getting the job done well, albeit with some hefty collateral damage.

Taking nearly any job, her(?) only long-term companion and ally is a supposedly adorable sea-cucumber AI who's main function is to locate nearby bars and to launch cable at anybody who stands in Trepanger's way. 

Whether you need a transport, a pick-up, a drop-off, a theft, or a good 'ol fashioned murder on the high seas, dial up Trepanger, it's (probably) worth the trouble. 


A quick and aggressive suit, Trepanger was designed with an intentional aptitude for dirty fighting. Many things are possible with a heavy-duty cable: tripping, smashing, and if you happen to be underwater--Trepanger's favorite enviroment--being yanked straight onto a 6ft. lance, or worse, straight into a jet of molten-hot plasma. 

>Suit Light - 5 Sahuagin - 10 Industrial - 15 >User Interface Brain Implant I - 10 >Defensive Addons  Temperature Res. II - 10 Pressure Shielding - 15 Self Repair II - 15 >Locomotion Deep Sea Mod. - 20 Flight - 20 Kinetic Servos - 10 >HUD UltraSonic Radar - 5 Enhanced Vision - 5 External Status - 10 Thermal Vision - 5 >Communications Universal Translator - 5 Communicator - 10 WiFi - 15 >Biology Canvas Nanites - 5 Hydra Nanites - 10 >Utility Dummy AI - 5 Towing Cable - 5 >Weapons Plasma Flamethrower - 20 Cutting Blades Rk. III - 15 Light Ballistic Rk. I - 5