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This symbol signals the border of nomad territory

"The Nomad Code states 3 simple rules.

One: stay with the pack.

Two: when you must, kill.

Three: die like you were born, screaming and covered in someone else's blood.

If only rule three wasn't so often applied..."

Humble BeginningsEdit

Nobody is entirely sure how the UNT came into fruition, but there are rumors that it was started by a small town in the state of Wyoming. When suitfall commenced, they considered it to be the end of the world and moved northwards, packing enough gear to last through what they thought would be a nuclear war.

The group was specialized in survivalist techniques, and on their journey north collected a large number of followers, teaching them the same methods. Soon, they constructed a massive, mobile tent village in the Canadian tundra, vowing to stay isolated from the world. They salvaged some of the suit pods, but vowed never to activate them, thinking they were harbingers of destruction and war. Eventually, the group became known as The Clan, and became famous for their reliance on simple nature in a world now so dominated by technology. They were a peaceful society, living inside mobile walls. They traveled often, following the herds of migrating caribou. For a few years, The Clan disappeared off the public radar. Nobody knew what happened to them; frankly, nobody cared.

But then something went wrong. Reports of violence up north escalated. Towns were razed and left desolated, with their populations left raped and mutilated, impaled on wooden pikes. Surely, it couldn't be The Clan? The peaceful nomads who sought freedom from technology? But it was.

Something had gone wrong up north. Alas, many suspect it was simple cabin fever that ended the glorious dream of a peaceful utopia. The years spent in absolute isolation, eating only meat and wild berries, the freezing cold, the long nights... it all added up. Now the far north is dangerous to live in. Worse, some of the nomads have abandoned their anti-technological ways, and have begun to unlock the old suit pods.

The UNT has no exact leader, as they are a group of around fifty or so united clans, each having their own leading figure. There is occasional warring within the tribes, as some to the south still try to retain their original peaceful roots.

Note: The UNT is a work in progress.