Drone by killmatthew33-d5qdn35
Name Weal
Real Name <Not Given>
Nationality <Not Given, suspected American>
Occupation Combat Medic/Engineer
  • 5'11" outside suit
  • 8'9" Inside suit
  • 135 lbs outside of suit
  • 675 lbs inside of suit
  • Outer Haven
  • Safety Net
Location <Classified>
  • Heavy
  • Biped + Mobile + Armored
User Interface
  • Brain Implant 1
Armor Material
  • Experimental
  • Self Repair II
  • Improved Hull
  • Thrusters
  • Flight
  • Navigation
  • External Status
  • Vocal
  • Communicator
  • Hydra Nanites
  • Octopus
  • Collapsible
  • Cutting Blades Rank 2
  • Plasma Flamethrower
  • Plasma Torch
  • Collasal Ballistics


While Weal is unwilling to discuss his past, Outer Haven Intelligence has discovered the following: His suit can be traced back to Pod that landed in the Rocky Mountains. Several months after Suitfall, Weal joined the international forum/organization known as The Safety Net. For three years, Weal provided medical and mechanical assistance to Pilots sending distress signals. In 20XY, for unknown reasons, Weal applied to join Outer Haven. His skills in combat and as a medic, coupled with the relative scarcity of Engineer Suits, allowed him quick admission.

Current AssignmentEdit

Weal is currently part of Metal Gear MADCAP, and is the unit's sole medic. MADCAP is an irregular unit dispatched to missions that require a great deal of tactical and technological flexibility.

Combat SkillsEdit

Outer Haven standard proficiency tests show Weal to have no particular areas of excellence. However, he has a high degree of competence in both heavy combat and infiltration missions. Though he is proficient in most battlefield medical procedures, he displays marked preference for mechanical repairs. Weal's favored tactic is an ambush, collapsing his Suit to a thin bodysuit that can be hidden under civilian clothes, and moving to positions of advantage incognito. During combat, Weal relies almost exclusively on his Plasma Flamethrower, using his Suit's jets to close on enemy forces quickly, and then escape.


Weal is outwardly abrasive, and rarely communicates beyond what is necessary. Closer observations have revealed that he is far more compassionate than he appears, often to the point of endangering his mission to do what he considers to be "the right thing". Weal has formed an almost familial bond with his squad, and is part of the reason Metal Gear MADCAP is considered by Outer Haven Command to be "A bunch of nutters".